We’re receiving dozens of applications. We’ll select it carefully and we’re going to send you an email for plan our meeting next few days if selected.

Remember, we don’t ask any money for the interview, but we appreciate a contribute for the job we’ve to done before and after the interview. We’ll have tonnes of videos to create, subtitled and we’ll send you a copy Creative Commons license of the video. 50€ is not too much to appear in the first Italian website of dental tourism for ever, and have a video to expose in your website.

All Dental clinics we interview are able to use our web services in order to receive Italian patients requests, you will be able to upload before & after pictures on the website and be listed in our search engine for free.

So, we believe this is the best you can find in dental tourism marketing.

Thank you again for the opportunity that you offer to the portal.

A hug and a greeting from Tourist.